Why Work for The Arora Group?

The Arora Group is a well-respected healthcare staffing company that places highly qualified healthcare workers in military hospitals and clinics throughout around the country.  Our goal is to provide world-class health care to the men and women who have served in uniform—present and past—and their family members.  We can offer you a place to improve your skills working side-by-side and learning from the best, while you continue your dedication and passion serving our Armed Forces in this time of need.  What makes The Arora Group successful is our commitment to our patients and governcment clients.  We constantly are searching for highly-qualified professionals to fill our current openings and new openings that become available.

At The Arora Group, we have a strong corporate team with years of leadership and management experience.  All our Project Managers each have years of experience in contract healthcare staffing at military hospitals and clinics.  Where we have a larger presence, we have a Project Manager who is local and provides direct personnel management and excels in client relations.  Our dedicated team of experienced professionals in our Human Resources and Payroll Departments ensure employees receive the care and support they deserve.  Our management team has over 200 years of active duty past military experience in healthcare administration.  We know the jobs, the environment, and the facilities in which we provide services.

Most of our Government contracts are long-term—one to five years—so we seek out highly qualified, dedicated professionals seeking some stability in their assignment.  While we have some shorter term positions, more frequently we can offer you the opportunity of a position of longer duration.

What makes our jobs different?

With most of our contracts, professional malpractice liability is covered by the government.  For physicians and dentists, skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates in the civilian sector over the past 10 years has heavily impacted the cost of doing business. This, along with tightening Federal reimbursement rates, the headaches involved in managing a practice—personnel, billing and accounts receivable, facilities and medical equipment—detract from the reasons you chose a career in medicine. As a contract employee working in a military treatment facility, you’ll spend more time caring for patients, and less time with clerical/administrative functions. In addition, many of our positions are Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 p.m. assignments, with limited or no overtime and on-call.

For mid-level providers, nurses, and techs, you’ll enjoy working along side active duty and civilian professionals as a valued member fully integrated into the patient care team. On our government contracts, licensure in any state is acceptable—you don’t need to be licensed specifically in the state in which you work. With a presence nationwide we often can offer our employees the possibility of transferring to a different medical treatment facility where we have a contract, should you seek a change in scenery. Military hospitals tend to be well staffed and well equipped, offering you the support you need to do your job well.  You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to serve with some of the best specialists in their fields.