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Because our professionals care for an elite patient population and our federal agency customers require the very best, we have a stringent hiring process. The full process includes interviewing, validating credentials, and taking candidates through the security clearance process. These processes can take between a few weeks to a few months depending in large part on how prepared you are.

Here’s what you can do to help the process go smoothly:

Gather Your Credentials

After you accept your offer, your dedicated credentials specialist will ask you to provide copies of all relevant licenses, certifications, diplomas, and other documents within a few days. Your credentials specialist will work closely with you to ensure that your credentials file is complete and accurate so that the facility’s credentials office can approve you to start. You can prepare ahead of time by gathering these documents, including anything that’s responsive to a qualification requirement in the job advertisement.

Prepare for Your Background Investigation

Most of our positions require team members to undergo a thorough background investigation to confirm eligibility to receive a security clearance. If you are selected for a position with our team, you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire (the SF86 or SF85P) as soon as possible. You should prepare ahead of time by gathering required information that you will need to provide like:

  • Addresses of each place you lived for the last 10 years and the contact information of someone who knew you when you lived there
  • List of all employers for the last 10 years and a supervisor for each employment activity
  • Names and dates of all foreign countries visited in the last 7 years other than on official U.S. Government business


Once your credentials file is complete and your security questionnaire and fingerprints have been submitted, the medical treatment facility will review your qualifications, and its security office will monitor your questionnaire for approval for you to start work. The timeline for approval varies by position and location, with some able to approve in as quickly as 1-2 weeks, while others can take 2 months, especially if your position requires a security clearance.

The best way to minimize the wait is to quickly provide your credentialing specialist with required documents and fill out the security questionnaire as soon as it is assigned to you. Throughout the process, your manager and our security team will be tracking the status of your candidacy closely and will contact you as soon as we have approval from the government to issue you a start date.

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