What to Expect in the Hiring Process for a Medical Government Contract Job

What to Expect in the Hiring Process for a Medical Government Contract Job - The Arora Group

Many healthcare professionals assume that the hiring process for medical government contract jobs is functionally the same as what you find in the civilian world. While there are undeniable similarities, the medical government contract work hiring process also has some distinct differences. However, the majority of the differences play out behind the scenes.

Even if the candidate experience is generally similar, it’s critical to understand the nuances of government hiring processes. That ensures you’re prepared for what lies ahead, making it easier to keep reasonable expectations about how the recruitment steps unfold. If you’re applying for a medical government contract job, here’s what you need to know about the hiring process.

What is a Medical Government Contract Job Hiring Process Like?

Applying for Medical Government Contract Jobs

In general, applying for medical government contract positions isn’t unlike what you see in the civilian world. Usually, you begin by submitting a resume or application. However, you need to ensure what you provide meets some stringent requirements.

For example, a reverse chronological format for your resume or application is typically essential. Additionally, providing information about your previous ten years of work history – regardless of whether it’s all relevant to your career and the duration you were there – is potentially a must. Within those entries, you want to outline relevant duties and achievements that show you’re a match for the position.

Once the resume or application is complete, submitting it by the stated closing date is a potential requirement. Some medical government contract jobs have strict cutoffs, so timely submission is essential.

You might also need to provide some supplementary information. For example, veterans may need to send in a DD-214, though that isn’t always the case.

Interviewing for Medical Government Contract Jobs

After submitting an application or resume, your information is reviewed to determine if you will move forward to the interview round. The time between submission and interview invitations is potentially lengthy, often far longer than you see in the civilian world. Usually, this is because the job requirements are precise, so applications and resumes are carefully scrutinized and scored to figure out who moves forward.

The top-qualifying candidates are then invited to participate in interviews. Usually, you’ll speak with the hiring manager in person, over the phone, or via a video call, depending on the organization’s preferred process. The questions focus on core competencies relating to the position, and you’ll often encounter behavioral or scenario-based questions that assess your technical abilities and soft skills.

Steps Before Beginning on Your First Day

After the interview process, many other steps occur before the top-choice candidate can begin in the role. Often, background check and clearance requirements are strict for medical government contract jobs, and the process is far more in-depth than a typical background check you undergo with civilian organizations. As a result, there’s potentially a significant delay between interviews, job offers, and start dates.

However, you’re typically notified regularly as the process proceeds, letting you know precisely where you stand. Additionally, the lengthy process is potentially beneficial, giving you time to plan and prepare for transitioning into the new role once an offer is extended.

Ultimately, medical government contract jobs are different and often longer, but the work is incredibly rewarding. Remember that it’s an opportunity to serve those who serve our country, and use that to remain motivated and patient throughout the process.

Is a Medical Government Job Contract Right for You?

If you’re interested in medical government contract positions, The Arora Group is looking for talented candidates. Explore job opportunities through the Arora Group today.

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