6 Reasons to Become a Military Psychologist

6 reasons to become a military psychologist-the arora group

Becoming a military psychologist can be an extremely rewarding career. Not only are you helping service members become the best versions of themselves, but you get to live life outside of the box. This is completely different from being a traditional psychologist for many reasons. It is an adventurous yet exciting career that can be more than just a job. It can become a journey you never expected. Here are six reasons why you should become a military psychologist.

Why You Should Become a Military Psychologist

You Can Set A Career Path

Military psychologists help every step of the way, even before service members get sent overseas or far from home. When someone thinks they want to pursue a career in the military, their mental health must be evaluated. That is where you help ensure that the right people are enlisting. It is vital that the best and strongest are out there and, as a military psychologist, you can put everyday people into their dream careers.

Assist With Coming Home

After service members have been away for a long time, returning to civilian life is anything but easy. Their schedule is off, and their sense of unity with their unit is gone. Plus, major life-changing events may have occurred while in service. Therefore, coming home can be anything but easy. As a military psychologist, you can help assist with the reacclimation of daily life. It is a transitional process that can be quite difficult, but the assistance of a good military psychologist can make all of the difference. This is not only for the benefit of the service member but their family, as well.

Aftercare & PTSD

Once service members have officially left the military, they still need assistance. As aforementioned, reacclimating to civilian life can be daunting but so can haunting memories of what was experienced. It is estimated that between 13.5 and 30% of veterans in Iraq or Afghanistan will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They must endure this lifelong battle; however, a sympathetic and well-trained military psychologist will be an asset. A regular psychologist may have the training to help. However, only military has the proper skills to effectively help and understand the gravity of what these service members/veterans are going through.

Life Management Skills

There is so much that service members and veterans go through, and they need an outlet. Some topics that can be addressed in counseling are: suicidal thoughts, anger/stress management, substance abuse issues, and again, PTSD. Military psychologists are given specific guidelines for treating and handling military personnel. It is not a general understanding but a honed profession desperately needed for those who sacrifice so much.


Average psychologists stay put, whereas military psychologists are needed on bases. This allows those who want to be in the field to travel with their family/spouse and see the world. Plus, they can live in the barracks alongside service members to gain a complete understanding of their day-to-day lifestyle. Thus, this helps to create a stronger relatability to their clients.

In-Depth Evaluations

Psychologists do studies and evaluations. However, military psychologists are the ones who go inside the minds of terrorists. They help to give a better understanding to what they are thinking, which is something that is much needed in the world we live in. Furthermore, they can take on the task of ensuring that women are not treated poorly while in the military. Interestingly, women make up 20% of the military yet can receive brutal treatment. That is where military psychologists can come in, mediate, and create peaceful working experiences.

It’s Not A Typical Job

It is one thing to be a psychologist and aim to help anyone who needs it, but it is quite another to be a military psychologist. They are a rare breed and are becoming more of an asset now than ever. Military psychologists take their clients on their lifelong journey from start to finish, which can be tough but rewarding.

Ready to Get Started?

If this is something that you are interested in, you may feel lost. How does one start a career such as this? By working alongside The Arora Group, finding the job that works for you is easier than you would think. Contact us or one of our representatives today to bring your future to the present.

At The Arora Group, we aim to provide healthcare staffing services to the men and women who serve our country with the highest-quality medical care possible. Our award-winning company is Joint Commission-certified and has cared for our men and women in uniform for over 30 years.

As a leading government healthcare staffing service, we’ve had the privilege of supporting the Air Force, Army, and Navy, the intelligence community, and other federal customers. We strive to offer world-class healthcare experiences to our nation’s heroes, ensuring those who serve get what they need to thrive.

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